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Re: [SLUG] The Great SLUG Social Vote

Having been a polling place manager for about 20 years now, for both state
and feral elections, I can tell you that you always get some PITA who
wastes your time.  The favourites are those who can't decide how the
ballot paper works especially the big one, tears it into shreds and bins
it, and then asks for another.  As each ballot paper has to be accounted
for (at least by an overall tally), they REALLY make your day.

If you really want to VE - VO then you could always go booth hopping.
It'll take about 3 months before they come to feel your collar (8-).

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On Mon, 5 Feb 2001, Terry Collins wrote:

> Rodos wrote:
> Who trains the people that run polling booths?
> We had a by election on Saturday for the state seat of Campbelltown and
> the young lass who handed out the voting papers was most emphatic that I
> could only have one. I told her I thought it was VE - VO, but she
> wouldn't budge {:-).
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