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[SLUG] I vote one for a newbies list

My hat goes in with Terry.

I think that there is great scope for a newbies list.  This list should
have predefined answers to 'which is the best distro' with input from
each camp.  We KNOW that archives will not really work with newbies.

I am fairly tired of the constant just go debian push and I am pretty
well convinced for myself but not for a newbie yet.  I really think the
'great debate' has no place where newbies go.  This probably goes for
Gnome and KDE discussions as well.  They should be told the differences
and offered the opportunity to discuss off the newbies list. Politics
and newcomers don't mix,  it just cements the M$ FUD of a divided

There may be scope for a RedHat, suse, Debian, Mandrake, turbo and other
list which a group of moderators may throw interesting queries to the
overall slug list.  This will stop the main list getting bogged down in
specific distro and newbie queries.

This division is natural, what would happen if we only had
comp.programming,  nothing would get done.  We have a series of language
specific lists and special interest lists.  Has this weakened the
overall benefits of the newsgroups,  no it has made it stronger but
acting as a filter for the users who are not interested in the other

I am sure that there would be more than a few of us monitoring multiple
lists and there will be few that will monitor exactly the same lists. 
this means that they can point to archived answers from other lists at

Regarding meetings,  I would like to see SIGs develop,  I would attend
the Debian SIG as a RedHat user to learn the why's and wherefore's.  I
would expect them to continue evangelizing the common slug group.

BTW:  Friday meetings are probably best because most Uni Students have
Friday free and I think we have a fair inroad into Universities but not
as much to common business.  Why can't we find two rooms and have the
combined meeting then split into SIGs,  this was the formula for one of
the User Groups I attended.