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Re: [SLUG] MetaSLUG [Was: SLUG Activities]

I'd rather have SIGs and grow, then stagnate and continue to loose
people as we are doing now.

I know of no other way that we can continue the revolution and help
people get linux onto their hardware, than by SIGs.

SIGs as a part of the overall LUG is fine, just so there's a clear definition between them and a clear understanding that the SIGs are not formed at the expense of the LUG as a whole - they are all an integral part of the larger organism.

Personally, I discriminate against dual booters, html posters, geeks,
ham sandwiches and coffee drinkers and probably a few other things {:-).

Dual booters, html posters I can accept, geeks I can understand, ham sandwiches is a Kosher thing, but WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST CAFFINE !!!