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Re: [SLUG] MetaSLUG [Was: SLUG Activities]

Jon Biddell wrote:
> >A SIG is also a small stepping stone. If people can cut their teeth by
> >being involved in a sig, helping run it, etc, then they gain the skills
> >and experience to run full Slug meetings, Fests (which we are sadly
> >lacking in organisers for).
> The danger here is that, by their very nature, SIGs tend to "indoctrinate"
> one into a particular distro, and denegrate all others (to some extent).
> This has the (admittedly minor) potential to start a "distro jihad" and
> fragment the main group (saw this happen with the BBC Users Group many
> years ago).

Having "discussed/preached" this privately in the last few days, I'll
basically repeat it.

The important things is to remember that we are Linux and Open Source -
that is the common thread and that is what brings us together.

We will end up with a ford/holden dichotomy or similar dichotomies
anyway and their already is distro cabals anyway; Dead Rats, Suckers,
Dead Beats,  Turbo Lux, etc

I'd rather have SIGs and grow, then stagnate and continue to loose
people as we are doing now.

I know of no other way that we can continue the revolution and help
people get linux onto their hardware, than by SIGs.

Personally, I discriminate against dual booters, html posters, geeks,
ham sandwiches and coffee drinkers and probably a few other things {:-).

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