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Re: [SLUG] MetaSLUG [Was: SLUG Activities]

<quote who="Terry Collins">

> What a load of f%&king crap.

Which, funnily enough, was somewhat based on comments you made a while ago.

> There is already one, by invitation only, list of ex-sluggers operating
> because these people were cheesed off with the noise on the Slug list.

That disappoints me, especially given that no-one mentioned their discontent
to the committee. If the preferred fix was to run away, tough biscuits; if
they couldn't work within the group to make it better, even more so.

Terry, your calm input is often helpful; please don't flame when you can
simply comment. We're very open to everyone's views and ideas, even if they
are negative.

  committee@xxxxxxxxxxx, or take it to the list.

- Jeff

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