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Re: [SLUG] MetaSLUG [Was: SLUG Activities]

> We've discussed SIGs a few times now, and each time came to the conclusion
> that 'splitting' SLUG would lead to bad things.

why? random get togethers specialising on a particular topic would be

it is only if it becomes regular and, say, slug-debian people stop coming
to slug that you get the split

> Subject-specific SIGs are probably the way to go, and the Debian SIG idea is
> great on that account. (Actually, there's a few times I've thought that a
> slug-debian list would be good, so we can stop irritating non-Debian users
> on the main list - trouble is, that's splitting the list again, and that
> would suck.)

splitting the list == permanent division of people == BAD

splitting the meetings == permanent division of people == BAD

having random interval SIGs == people who want to learn a little extra do
so in a helpful environment on a wide variety of topics == GOOD

the SIGs don't need to be as big or as specific as the fests... the kind
of ideas that are behind MacLUG are appliable here...

my 2 cents