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<quote who="Craige McWhirter">

> A Debian SIG would be quite useful. There's so much to the Debian world
> and mostly stuff that would only interest the enthusiasts. The odd
> "Debian brainstorming session" seperate from the main SLUG meeting would
> go a long, long way IMHO.

We've discussed SIGs a few times now, and each time came to the conclusion
that 'splitting' SLUG would lead to bad things.

I waver in and out of this - I think it would be cool for the more advanced
people to have a group of their peers, but at the same time, it sucks for
the begginers, as they won't receive the level of understanding and help
that they would have otherwise.

Subject-specific SIGs are probably the way to go, and the Debian SIG idea is
great on that account. (Actually, there's a few times I've thought that a
slug-debian list would be good, so we can stop irritating non-Debian users
on the main list - trouble is, that's splitting the list again, and that
would suck.)

> If there's interest, I'd be more than happy to be the co-ordinater.
> Depending on numbers, I *may* also have a venue (with harbour views and
> a stocked boutique beer fridge).

Dude! Rock out! :) Thanks heaps for offering - perhaps we should have a
little Debian fest (read: Come over and we'll show you wtf the point is) to
kick it off.

Everyone else: Is this a dangerous idea? Are new lists and new SIGs

- Jeff

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