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Re: [SLUG] bind problems??

> 31-Jan-2001 11:55:19.972 named shutting down
> 31-Jan-2001 11:55:19.972 USAGE 980902519 980901597 CPU=0.69u/0.32s
> CHILDCPU=0u/0s
> 31-Jan-2001 11:55:19.972 NSTATS 980902519 980901597 A=162 SOA=80 PTR=977
> MX=8 ANY=3
> 31-Jan-2001 11:55:19.972 XSTATS 980902519 980901597 RR=471 RNXD=51
> RFwdR=219 RDupR=1 RFail=6 RFErr=0 RErr=0 RAXFR=0 RLame=1 ROpts=0
> SSysQ=240 SAns=1201 SFwdQ=185 SDupQ=100 SErr=0 RQ=1230 RIQ=0 RFwdQ=185
> RDupQ=7 RTCP=9 SFwdR=219 SFail=0 SFErr=0 SNaAns=743 SNXD=172 RUQ=0
> RURQ=0 RUXFR=0 RUUpd=0

this shows that named stopped for some reason... did you shut it down at

can you post the contents of /etc/hosts or a query of the 10. IP address
in nslookup?