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Re: [SLUG] Faxing yourself in Linux.

Well if you want the dodgy brothers way of doing it.... plug the faxmodem 
and fax machine into the same line, use the fax machine's off hook button 
(as in manually dialing) to pickup the line, wait approximately 90 seconds 
for the line to fall silent, somehow get hylafax to manually answer (ie no 
ringing happens) and press the start button on the fax machine, you have 
about another 90 seconds before the line goes dead.

Personally I'd recommend either a cheap scanner or PABX. The scanner's 
going to be less hassle in the long run. Actually, there's some 
multi-function devices that are a scanner/printer/fax, if they work with 
Linux you're really cookin'

On Sun, 25 Nov 2001, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> <quote who="Stuart Guthrie">
> > Anyone know a way of faxing your linux system from a normal fax machine 
> > without giving Telstra 22c per shot.
> Faxing implies a telephone call, so, you're still paying telstra.
> > Got a client who wants to scan multiple page documents into emails for a 
> > digital backup of the hard copy..
> > 
> > Currently they fax them to their jfax account which emails them the 
> > scanned tif files to their server.
> That's an odd way of doing it... Why don't they just get a scanner and save
> to their hard drive? Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your explanation. :)
> > If it can be done, it's a nice way to get a cheap sheet-feeding scanner 
> > (admittedly low res).
> Ah. That's... roundabout. But you could make it work... Maybe.
>   http://www.hylafax.org/
> Highly overengineered concept to get yourself a cheap scanner. :)
> - Jeff

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