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Re: [SLUG] OT: Vector data on Sydney CBD

Jon Biddell wrote:


> The last GLIS survey was 1994, I believe, and that data is quite out of date (it was in 1995 !!).

Umm, I think they last fully covered the country in 1945 - it really
depends on the date of the last map produced.

> I've been trying to get updated data for my Garmin eMap GPS for the last 6 months, as the stuff that Garmin were able to get suffers from a data translation problem - if the data is in (for example) AUS1994 format, and they converted it to NMEA or GARMIN format for the GPS, it shows points as being up to 500 metres out.

How is it out?
What co-ordinates system are you using?
I understadn that there have been some changes 

Do you know that Australia changed from AMG to GDA a few years ago?
I have no idea on the "adjustments" to Australia spheroids/? to GPS
systems, but I understand that there has been a few.


> To get the same accuracy as, for example, the USA enjoys (wether it be mapping CDs, GPS data or... *gasp*... M$ Roadmap) would cost you thousands of dollars, as it's not "public domain" in this country, whereas almost every other country on this planet that uses this makes it available either free or for a VERY minimal fee.

The US makes it available for the cost of delivery. Most other
countries, in the world, do not have any data. It is mainly a thing with
the industrialised world, so far.

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