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RE: [SLUG] 'dummy' keyboard & monitor plugs


> While not completely answering your question, my Compaq KVM nicely
> handles this+situation of no keyb/mouse/video installed very nicely
> (they're pretty expensive). While a KVM isn't the answer for you the 
> theory behind it is.
> You may want to ask this question is aus.electronics as someone there
> may know of a product or a kit that does this.
> Jamie Honan demoed the his atmel keyb emulater, maybe this could be
> extened to handle mouse and video, Jamie ??

Oh. Ah. Yes I'm awake. My eyes were just resting.

I don't know too much about what doze requires, but most
modern BIOS's will boot OK with "errors" - e.g. keyboards not
plugged in.

My AVR device will certainly emulate a keyboard: replying
with the appropriate handshakes. Another way is to cut the electronics
out of an old keyboard : usually the working bits are close to where
the plug comes in.

Without a monitor : maybe just plug a video card in?

You could also try vmware, win4lin and wine. Because these
use X11, they are a better bet for networking.


Apropos of nothing. Have you ever had to make up an application
to application protocol? Maybe you've done things like
bolt bits of xml, perhaps a bit of http-like stuff?

A rather interesting looking set of rfc's now gives good
guidance about making up your application to application protocol.

Some useful code, a fair bit of explanation. Good provenance :
Marshall Rose.

Beep : block exchange extensible protocol.

rfc's 3080, 3081 and 3117


"BEEP, the Application Protocol Framework

 BEEP is a turbocharger for Internet applications that offers advanced
 features such as:

 * a standard application layer that supports dynamic,
   pluggable application "profiles" (protocols)

 * peer-to-peer, client-server, or server-to-server capabilities

 * multiple channels over a single authenticated session

 * support for arbitrary MIME payloads, including XML

 * a standard layer for session management

Rose has a sense of humour, too.