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Re: [SLUG] can I share file with NFS between rehat 7.1 and windows

On Mon, 26 Nov 2001, cpaul wrote:

> > If I want to use my redhat linux 7.1 box serve both as file server and local
> > intranet net server, what is the best install option, and can I share use
> > NFS or Samba, which is the better options
> samba i believe.  folks i know and trust recommend samba in
> preference to nfs even on unix<->unix shares :)

Says something about NFS, doesn't it, when SMB is recommended in preference
to it... <g>

But yeah, I've seen that SMB transfers seem to go faster than NFS transfers
in similar network conditions.  I haven't tried using SMB as a regular
filesystem sharing tool amongst Unix systems, but with the faff-ups I've
been having with NFS lately, I may just try it out in the near future...

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Matthew Palmer