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[SLUG] Offline Email Reading that pre-fetches URL's

Don't know how many of you are in the habbit of reading your SLUG email 
offline (which for me is on a 2 hour train trip each day when I haven't 
got other work to do) but it frustrates me when somebody posts about 
something potentially interesting and refers to a URL. I'm not saying you 
shouldn't do it (although a quick summary of your own is nice) but it 
occurred to me that I could go one step further and say use a script to 
scan emails for URL's that aren't in people's .signatures and say 
automatically fetch the single page referred to. Naturally this is prone 
to fill one's hard disk and chew bandwidth rather quickly so we'd need 
some configurable limitations.

This might be of use in other situations where people don't have browsing 
access. Hey you could provide it as a service, the email could 
automatically have the pre-fetched URL attached.

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