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Re: [SLUG] Am I baying for the moon?

On Sun, 2001-11-25 at 15:48, Howard Lowndes wrote:
> I have a client who wants to store a variety of document types in job
> folders.  Some are (cough) .doc, .xls, some are .jpg, .html, .gif.  There
> could be any mixture of these in any given job folder.

> Is there anything Linux based that comes within a bull's roar of what he
> wants; or even something that runs on that other OS.

There are plenty of these beasts, commonly referred to as Document
Managements Systems and they do all the things your client wants and
they are all horrible beasts, do horrible things to your files. A real
administrators nightmare but a suits dream.

All of them are so bad I won't recommend any of them :)

Your client can expect to pay $60,000 just for the rights to use the
system, then add on hardware, consultants, user training.......