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[SLUG] quick question

G'day i recently decided to give windows the flick, and am extemely happy 
with my descion despite nearly beating the hell out of my computer trying to 
get X going, but i was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for email 
clients to use in KDE. At current i'm using kmail but i'm not to happy with 
it. After not checking my email for about 5 days i had 500+ incomming and it 
failed to work out the sender and subject for 99% of them + the filters i put 
in place didn't seem to work. And its threaded view for reading email sucks, 
unable to collapse. Upon checking under kde 2.2 with the new kmail you can 
collapse but the other problem could pop up again

so what are peoples idea's for mail cleints? 

Karl Clements