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Re: [SLUG] BIOS upgrade (OT... a bit)

I wish i remember the name, but i'm sure someone else on the list could point 
you in the right direction, What about the linux project where you don't use 
bios and flash the linux kernel directly into the flash instead.

On Wed, 21 Nov 2001 21:54, you wrote:
> Hi slugs,
> I decided to upgrade my hard disk only to find that the BIOS does not
> like a 40Gb hard disk!
> it's a VIA chipset with an Award modular BIOS.
> Anyone know of anywhere in Sydney that I can get an upgrade. I have a
> 1Mb BIOS chip and it needs upgrading to a 2Mb chip to allow for the
> flash upgrade.
> I've heard others talk about the rocks markets. would it help? where is
> it and when is it on? Or anywhere else that may help.
> Any help much appreciated!
> Thanks
> Ben