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Re: Uni or not? (Re: [SLUG] OT: University)

I felt that I had to add my 2cents worth. ;)

> > Just in case no one else mentioned it.
> > 
> > Sit down and ask yourself .  Why go to university at all???
> > 

I agree Especially if you are lucky enuf to find an IT job after
leaving school take it. There are kids (hell I feel old calling
some people I know kids) :) . These guys are hell smarter than 
any Uni graduate (me being one of these graduates well I am still an
under graduate dunno when I am going to finish don't think I will and
being assistant to the IT manager without the piece of paper shows some
thing) I know. What I have also found that the theories that Uni 
teaches can be too olde school. Really a 2 year TAFE course will 
teach you what most Uni 3 year degree would and would give you reall 
life experience, also giving you all the pratical knowledge you need.

The other thing that may be a little over the top and some people don't
understand. Earn money from what you enjoy doing because it will never
be work to you. For me computers has been a hobbie that I have turned
into a career. I have been using computers since I was 12 years old
now 30 I still can't get enuf. Getting paid is a bonus for what I enjoy
doing. If you have the some skill in computers and enjoy it go for it
you don't really need a degree.