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Re: [SLUG] LaTeX: a random walk.

On Fri, Nov 09, 2001 at 10:43:01PM +1100, Bill Bennett wrote:
> I'm trying to understand some of the classier programmes
> to be found in The LaTeX Companion. Not easy, although it would
> help if some of them worked when you ran them.
> P.144, The random walk in PSTricks is what's the matter.
> Can anyone tell me what \setrandim (so spelled) does?
> I can't find it in the LaTeX programme anywhere.

Just saw this messgage tonight and didn't notice a reply. Ah well 
not much to do while debian does an upgrade of the Alpha so....

www.google.com search for \setrandim leads us to a latex file
%% Curves-RandomWalk.tex --- Example of iterative drawing  
%% Author          : Denis GIROU (CNRS/IDRIS - France)

which uses the command in this line

Before its use however the latex file reads in
\input{random.tex} % From Donald Arseneau (on macros/generic on CTAN) 

so we look up this on CTAN at http://www.ctan.org

  random = Generating "random" numbers in TeX.
  "Generates pseudo-random integers in the range 1 to 2^{31}. Macros are to
  provide random integers in a given range, or random dimensions
  which can be used to provide random `real' numbers, are also available. 
  See also lcg" 

If you go to a ctan mirror, download the package, and install it, 
it will probably contain documentation describing all.

Bill, that sounds like a neat pstricks program :-)

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