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[SLUG] Debian SIG tonight!

Tonight, special guest* Steven Kowalik will be discussing Debian's
package maintenance tools.  Debhelper, dh-make, dpkg-dev-el and much
more will be covererd.  Examples courtesy of his laptop-with-sid-chroot.

Also tonight will be a keysigning (bring you GPG key!), as well as the
usual food, beer, pool and general geekery.

Where: Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel - boardroom (upstairs)
When: Wednesday, 14th November 19:00 - 20:00
Cost: $0,
      $10 if you pre-order tea/coffee
Misc: Dinner, alcohol are available
Park: Domain (closes 21:00) or
      Beside the Bells Hotel

[*] He probably doesn't count as a guest, seeing as he's there every
month anyway, but he does deserve a "special" for giving us another

See you there!