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RE: [SLUG] PPP Problem

tcpdump shows packets going out the ppp interface, they don't arrive at
the other end though.
and vise versa!

oh well back to using minicom :-)

On Mon, 12 Nov 2001, Booth, Christopher (Aus) - ATP wrote:

> Could it be a routing problem ? with the connection not getting to be the
> right route ?
> Do you have a network card in the machine as well ?
> Try ifdown eth0 or and see if the data then goes out.  If it does, then the
> default route isn't being set.  Troubleshoot to that end.
> Chris
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> From: Jeffrey Borg [mailto:jeffrey@xxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Monday, 12 November 2001 10:41 am
> To: slug@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [SLUG] PPP Problem
> Hi,
> Ok this one is a real brain teaser and has got me totally beat,
> I have a nokia 9110 phone. And another mobile connected to my machine at
> home.
> Here is what I can do.
>  - use the nokia 9110 as a standalone device with it's built in ppp stack
> etc... and have ip connectivity to from it.
>  - use windows me and dialup and send packets to and from as well (with
> infrared)
>  - use minicom under linux (again using infrared) to dialup and use a
> terminal session!
> Here's what dosen't work
>  - ppp under redhat 6.2 (using netcfg so all default redhat scripts) - it
> connects get's an ip address etc.. but no data passes either way (the
> interface is there just no data makes it in or out of it!) - tcpdump on
> either end reports the correct packets for that end only, it's as if the
> connection is disconnected! but still there
> Now I don't think it's the server end because windows me and the phone
> itself can use it and so can minicom under linux works a treat as well
> All entries in messages are normal for a successful connection
> I have used the default ATZ and the windows init strings for the modem in
> the phone - as well as the minicom default one. I have tried setting the
> port speed from 115200 to 19200 but with infrared it dosen't work only at
> 115200 it works (even minicom works at that speed!)
> the only odd thing is that when I do a "ifdown ppp0" the logs say it's
> disconnected etc.. but the phone dosen't disconnect.
> Anybody got any idea's as I am 99% sure it's the laptop end under linux.
> Oh BTW both phones understand normal AT commands :-)
> Jeffrey Borg
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