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Re: [SLUG] Newbie Question: SysLinux, boot failed message

Jeff Waugh was once rumoured to have said:
> <quote who="Crossfire">
> > Secondly, why are people still using Lilo when grub is so much better?
> Because it is incomprehensible, and lilo is straightforward and familiar.

Its only incomprehensible if you've become too complacent with lilo.

for example:
  label Linux

might become:
title Linux
  kernel (hd0,0)/vmlinuz root=/dev/hda1 vga=normal MagicOptionHere
[This assumes the nice simple case of /boot is part of /]

Personally, I think the menu.lst is easier to understand from a
generics point of view.

Lilo hides reality.  things like vga, root, etc are just often used
kernel parameters - they should be treated like any other kernel
parameter since treating them differently gives people all sorts of
odd ideas about how things work.  Grub doesn't do magic handling of
specific kernel parameters, so things are nice, simple and consistant.

Then there is the whole RTFFS (Read the Fsckin' FileSystem) issue.
Lilo can't do that and uses blockmaps (which are inherantly fragile)
to locate the kernel image. Grub can read ext2, reiserfs, xfs, ufs,
fat, etc natively.

Need to boot a kernel you forgot to put a menu option for?  You can't
do that in Lilo - you can with Grub however (thanks to the handy
readline-like boot option editing feature).

You need to reinstall lilo every time you edit lilo.conf.  You only
need to install Grub once (providing you don't nuke it with Lilo by

Lilo can't netboot.  Grub can.

Lilo has to chainboot alternate OS bootloaders. Grub can also natively
boot NetBSD, OpenBSD and the Hurd (and even FreeBSD, even though its
not recommended).

Lilo is a dinosaur.  Every other mainstream port of Linux has a real
bootloader - Sparc has SILO, Alpha has aboot, PPC has yaboot and
bootx.  Grub addresses these issues for x86, and RedHat (for once) has
recognised that Grub is the way forward and now lets you choose Grub
as your bootloader for Redhat 7.2 at install time.  (I use grub with
Debian at home).

Obviously we need a grub HOWTO so we can stop all this whining over
something that looks different.

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