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[SLUG] Serial terminals available


We have in our possession a little over 25 dumb serial terminals of
varying make and model. They're taking up a little too many square
metres of our kitchen than I'd like.

They all work; it's just that they've been replaced by PCs. And they
need a good home. Orange or lime flavoured:

	Digital vt510 x 7
	Digital vt520 x 1
	Digital vt320 x 2
	Tatung et10 x 2
	Tatung vm14af x 2
	Tatung tat-700r x 2
	Wyse wy-60 x 5
	Wyse wy-30 x 1
	Televideo 990 x 3
	Daewoo xt230e x 1

If you come pick them up, they're yours for $10/each. We're at:

	2/266 Pennant Hills Road (sort of level 1) 
	Thornleigh NSW 2120

Give us a call on 02 9484 9433 to find out more (or if you get lost
finding the place). If you're really keen we'll take a photo of whatever
one you're interested in. But they're not pretty ;)


- Andrew

  Solutions First
  02 9484 9433