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Re: [SLUG] Using sendmail with bigpond isp

At 16:14 4/11/01 +1100, Laurie Savage wrote:
I have attempted to read the documentation in the sendmail-cf directory but am even more confused now. How can I set up sendmail to send all mail created by local users out through our bigpond.com server? I want to set up batch overnight mailing on my RedHat machine using a simple wvdial ;sendmail -q ; fetchmail -d0 -q script (it worked with Postfix!)

We are using the bigpond family mail with five addresses. My users are

jimbo@localhost here    is      jim.savage@xxxxxxxxxxx there
robert@localhost here   is      sir.boris@xxxxxxxxxxx there
cathy@localhost here    is      orange.jazz@xxxxxxxxxxx there

Here's my .fetchmailrc <sans passwords !!)

# Configuration created Sun Dec 24 13:31:34 2000 by fetchmailconf
set postmaster "jon"
set bouncemail
set properties ""
poll pop.syd.fl.net.au
        proto pop3
        user jon
        pass "xxxx"
        is jon
        warnings 3600 antispam 571 550 501 554
        user jill
        pass "xxxx"
        is jill
        warnings 3600 antispam 571 550 501 554

This has worked since Christmas last year.

                SMTP server is mail.bigpond.com

in sendmail.cf


This all works fine.... Of course, I cheated and used WEBMIN to so some of it...:-)