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Re: [SLUG] Using sendmail with bigpond isp

Stick with postfix from all accounts it's better. Why the move to sendmail?

Laurie Savage wrote:

I have attempted to read the documentation in the sendmail-cf directory but am even more confused now. How can I set up sendmail to send all mail created by local users out through our bigpond.com server? I want to set up batch overnight mailing on my RedHat machine using a simple wvdial ;sendmail -q ; fetchmail -d0 -q script (it worked with Postfix!)

We are using the bigpond family mail with five addresses. My users are

jimbo@localhost here     is     jim.savage@xxxxxxxxxxx there
robert@localhost here     is     sir.boris@xxxxxxxxxxx there
cathy@localhost here     is     orange.jazz@xxxxxxxxxxx there
    etc, etc

        SMTP server is mail.bigpond.com

Using fetchmail for POP3 downloads - no problems thanks to
        POP3 server is mail.bigpond.com

Postfix is much easier!