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Re: [SLUG] Email client recommendations

<quote who="Laurie Savage">

>  * GUI


>  * Easy viewing of graphics and HTML

Check - nice component system and HTML widget in the mix.

>  * be able to use sendmail rather than SMTP sever - ie prepare and send
>    offline for a later scheduled connection.
>    (Mahogany/Stuphead/Aethera/Evolution fail this one)


>  * Exportable/Printable address book (Kmail fails badly here, Mahogany
>    is good)

Excellent printing support - I'll have to check about the address book.

>  * Support Group aliases for sending (Kmail fails, Mahogany is nice)


>  * Display a group in the header as "Undisclosed Recipients" or "Members"
>    instead of a list of recipients. (?)

Not sure what you mean.

>  * Reliability! (Kmail and Pine are the real winners here)

Check, or at least I think so.

>  * Support for existing /var/mail/user boxes.


>  * GPL/GNU/GNOME would be nice

All three, check.

... and Evolution it is. :)

Check out the 0.14 release, it's *really* slick. I say that as a happy mutt
user, too! :)

- Jeff

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