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[SLUG] Email client recommendations

Lately there has been some discussion of email clients. I have been
looking for a replacement to Kmail for my wife's business. I've played
around with Mahogany, Balsa, Stuphead, Aethera & Evolution but haven't
had much luck.

bigpHere are my requirements:

 * GUI
 * Easy viewing of graphics and HTML
 * be able to use sendmail rather than SMTP sever - ie prepare and send
   offline for a later scheduled connection.
   (Mahogany/Stuphead/Aethera/Evolution fail this one)
 * Exportable/Printable address book (Kmail fails badly here, Mahogany
   is good)
 * Support Group aliases for sending (Kmail fails, Mahogany is nice)
 * Display a group in the header as "Undisclosed Recipients" or "Members"
   instead of a list of recipients. (?)
 * Reliability! (Kmail and Pine are the real winners here)
 * Support for existing /var/mail/user boxes.
 * GPL/GNU/GNOME would be nice

What do people recommend? PLz, not Mutt or Pine - I'd have a divorce on my
Laurie Savage
(Using Pine)