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Re: [SLUG] presentation software

James Peter Gregory wrote:
> I've been asked to give a talk about some stuff to do with 'ecommerce' and
> the so-called 'internet' and stuff and I'd like to be able to give such a
> presentation on a linux system so that I can run apache and mozilla and
> stuff during the presentation. (entirely separate from the fact that I can't
> stand windows)
> what sort of presentation software are people using?

If I didn't want to use/demo apache/mozilla I'd use xdvi with the slide 
class in LaTeX for presentations. But seeing as you want to do stuff
HTML use just HTML. It will be less anoying for the user too. Flicking
back and forward between say a presentation application and mozilla
the flow of a presentation but if use HTML and mozilla/netscape
you can go seemlessly to your next slide. Some of the guys might forward 
you their code for the links at the bottom of each slide ie <back and
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