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Re: [SLUG] Document Management Systems

begin Glen Turner quotation:

[version control on binary documents, tra la]

I would think that the proper way to do version control on documents is
in a proper upstream format such as TeX or Docbook.  Otherwise, you're
at best restricted to awful kludges using very overhead-heavy,
corruption-prone contraptions such as DeltaV, or Subversion with custom
diff code.

'Course, that means that the contents would have to be maintained in 
the upstream system, and the poor little executives might run screaming
in terror from LyX.  Awwww.

> The open source "subversion" project is a DeltaV-based
> client and serevr which aims to replace CVS.  It's got a
> way to go, having just-made/about-to-make an alpha release.
>   http://subversion.tigris.org/

Subversion rocks.  I've finally started using it (cautiously), now that
it's passed the self-hosting milestone.  And boy will I be glad to ditch

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