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Re: [SLUG] 4x Displays under Linux & X?

On Thu, Sep 20, 2001 at 11:41:54PM -0700, Luke McKee uttered:

> Can you get 4 X-Windows hardware graphics displays
> running under Linux.

Sure.  Not reason why you couldn't.  I believe the Matrox multi-head
cards happily coexist, though you'll need an AGP and a PCI one.  I
have a G450 and it's a FANTASTIC card -- very crisp graphics and fast
redisplays.  Excellent for the 2D world I do most of my computing in.
Probably not great for Quake but after a month of ownership I haven't
bothered to play Quake yet.

> If you must know this is for a share trading set-up
> written in motif & c++ ;-)

Why do coke-snorting wankers get all the cool toys? :)

Rev Simon Rumble <simon@xxxxxxxxxx>