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Re: [SLUG] Rescue operation.

* This one time, at band camp, Bill Bennett said:
> I'm hbaving trouble with my laptop, which is running Mandrake.
> For some reason, I boot up and the process goes to the cheerful penguin,
> ticking off the tasks. It stops at "Mounting USB files" and refuses to budge.
> It could be that the hard drive is faulty (this was a suggestion),
> or it could be something else.
> I've been told that Redhat has a rescue programme on the two CDs, although this might
> not work for Mandrake. 
> I suggested that simply re-installing Mandrake from the disks (which I have) might work, but even if this were
> possible, would I not lose the data files (which are important)?
> Any suggestion would be gratefullt considered.

Try brining up the system in single user (type "$BOOTIMAGE 1" (eg 'linux
1') at the lilo: prompt).

This will bypass a lot of the services which are normally started up.
This may not fix the problem but may allow you to get at the system and
resolve the problem yourself.

Once you are in, check the contents of the startup directories
(/etc/rc.d/rc[0-6].d on Mandrake IIRC) to find the offending program and
then try to fix it.

If you need any more help, give me a shout.

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