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Re: [SLUG] kill user and print jobs script

On Wed, 19 Sep 2001, Alister Waller <alister@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote...

: I have the scripts done as I said, its how I can run them without being root
: thats the issue.
: if I can't then root it is :)

I'm pretty sure somewhere along the line, you have to run it as root.
I've seen sudo suggested - however there (can be) flaws with sudo. For
writing more secure sudo-like scripts, try "super"

Description: Execute commands setuid root
 Super allows specified users to execute scripts (or other commands)
 as if they were root; or it can set the uid and/or gid on a
 per-command basis before executing the command.  It is intended to be
 a secure alternative to making scripts setuid root.

I've found that for some scripts, say doing something with a tape unit,
that super fit my needs much better than sudo. YYMV.