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Re: [SLUG] Linux CE

At 17:14 14/09/01 +1000, Dave Morrison wrote:
Picked up a Compaq ipaq the other day and was just wondering if anyone
has messed around with the linux CE ports? Just wanted some input...

I looked into it when purchasing my new PDA (went for a Palm M505 - mainly because it DOESN'T run WINCE !!!)

According to Compaq australia;

1. We do not support Linux on ANY product (yeah, right - how come you sell servers with it pre-installed)

2. If you load Linux on it and want to go back to WinCE, you have to send it off to the USA for the ROM to be re-flashed.

3. I wouldn't try it (Compaq's words, not mine).

When I quizzed them on how many of their guys have IPAQs, and how many had tried Linux on them, one of the guys said he had, but didn;t like it (no apps !!!), so went back to WinCE.

Ah ha !! Did he send it to the USA ? No, he reflashed it HERE. Would he give me the software to be able to do that ? Of course NOT !!

So I bought a Palm - more apps, no Microsoft Tax, and a greater level, IMHO, of geekiness....


P.S. The M505 with a leather case and 64MB MMC card (making a total of 72Mb) cost LESS than the bog standard IPAQ - although my boss DOES have one with a 192MB PCMCIA card AND a 2Gb IBM Microdrive attached....bastard,..... I can rest easy and gloat, however, at his (lack of) battery life and the size of the brick he has to carry...:-)