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[SLUG] Replacing Windows!

Hello all,

I'm trying to replace winblows with Linux, and doing quite well, so
far. My major requirement is handling email. I'm using Slackware 8.0
and I've got ppp (connecting to my ISP, www.sunink.com) and the email
retrieval bit working well using fetchmail, and the sending seems to
work (which is sendmail, I think but I haven't touched that, I think
fetchmail setup configured something there to make it work).  I'm
using mutt as my email client, and I can send myself email to
jon@xxxxxxxxxx (which eventually turns up back on my linux box as new
mail) and my hotmail account, but I also tried sending an email to
this list and it got unceremonious kicked because whatever it is that
receives the mail at slug.org.au tries to validate the sender (or the
senders domain, I'm not sure) which it sees as jon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
which is what I called my linux box, and which I guess doesn't really
exist on the net?!

Not sure where to go from here ... am currently seaching google for
windows to linux howtos, but I thought I'd try here too.

Any ideas/pointers/suggestions?

Jonathan Kelly.