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[SLUG] making SSH port forwarding externally available

Hello Sluggers: 

To workaround a local network misconfiguration, I am port forwarding 
a local port to a remote machine using ssh.

This works for my local loopback address: 'localhost', but I 
would like to make the tunnel accessible to another person at work.
(he doesn't use Linux but need to access the same remote port)

i.e.: If I do a "ssh -f -N -L 1234:remote:1234 remote" , then
"telnet localhost 2323" establishes a connection to 'remote' via the
ssh tunnel, but "telnet my_machine_IP 2323" doesn't.

How would I go about making the ssh tunnel externally available?
Can iptables be set to forward TCP packets to the local loopback

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