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Re: [SLUG] Running Linux from ROM

I had some experience with an embedded system running linux, on a flash
disk, this was recongnized as a standard IDE drive and so, the
implementation have been quite easy.. so, are you talking about a ROM or a
Flash disk ? From there, i do recommend those flash disk, as it seems that
it was at that time (1 year and a half ago), the best solution, and still
seems to be, from my prospective. Otherwise, if it is really a ROM, you'll
have to setup ram drives, etc.. as well as a writable media to backup
state machine informations i guess...

I guess the boot is possible from Bios on that kind of config..


On Mon, 3 Sep 2001, Jim Hague wrote:

> Does anybody here (Jamie H?) got any experience with running Linux out of ROM
> on x86 kit?
> The reason I ask is that a local acquaintance is putting together a Linux-based
> kiosk type system and has had Compaq offer him some reasonably tasty embedded
> boxes at the right sort of price. However, they either come with Embedded NT in
> Flash or empty Flash, and we are curious to know if/how to run Linux on 'em. It
> isn't a Compaq option.
> I suspect that it's quite easy, given some means of grabbing an entry point
> (BIOS extension ROM, perhaps?). Any advice/comment/war stories?
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