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[SLUG] Linux jobs

Morning all,

a steadily increasing number of Linux related job advertisements seem to
be coming in lately. With many requests sent to the SLUG committee, we
have been suggesting that the advertisers use the Linux Australia jobs
database, at:


This has been the policy on SLUG for a while, to keep job ads off the SLUG
list and in a central place accessible to all local Linux job seekers.
This policy is based on feedback from the SLUG mailing list: the vocal
majority of SLUGgers don't want job ads on the list. However, we all want
to encourage local companies to use Linux and part of that involves them
offering real work. So, the point of this email is to encourage more
people to use Linux Australia's jobs listing, to place work and to find
work :)

If you're new to Linux or have recently begun looking for work, this site
is an excellent place to find Linux related jobs. As well as the jobs
listing on the web site, you can subscribe to a mailing list which the job
ads are sent to as they are posted.

If you're an employer with a Linux related job to offer, this is a great
place to find people with the skills you're after. It runs as a free
service to the Linux community and allows you to post any jobs that
specifically require Linux skills.