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Re: [SLUG] Best Mailing List software?

At 08:41 AM 04/09/2001 +1000, Crossfire wrote:
Steve Kowalik was once rumoured to have said:
> On Mon, Sep 03, 2001 at 05:41:09PM +1000, Jon Teh uttered:
> > > Whatever you do, don't run Majordomo.
> >
> > What's wrong with Majordomo?
> >
> Does the nickname 'Majordumbo' ring any bells?
> It's slow, bloated and crap.

Majordomo is moderately easy to set up if you're using sendmail as
your MTA.

Majordomo was a worthy list manager for a long time but it has been made obsolete with modern list managers - it has weak security, poor bounce handling, no spam handling and poor archiving.

I've recently been installing ezmlm and recommend it because of it's high security (cookie based commands), excellent spam handling (rejects 'bulk' headed email, & addressing not in cc or to), wondrous bounce handling (anyone who has administered majord lists will appreciate the auto-unsubscribing of consistently bouncing emails), attachment stripping and the way it rejects html posts. It's design is optimised for the qmail MTA, being written by the same person (Dan Bernstein) though I expect you can make it work with other mailers.

ezmlm doesn't have great or fancy web managment interfaces though some people are working on this now (I still subscribe to the ezmlm mailing list). It does have built in archiving tho and you can create digests automatically when you setup the list proper.

Its fairly solid for small lists, for larger lists, you may start
running into memory problems since sendmail tries to handle the list
as a single delivery envelope.  [They use the external list alias

In its simplist configuration, majordomo does no archiving or header
modifications to messages sent.  You can set it up to do both however,
but its a more complicated process since majordomo configuration is
mostly manual.

I've had majordomo set up on a variety of systems for small lists
(5-20 people) because it is generally low-fuss to get going initially.
I have, however, switched to mailman for managability reasons.

Mailman is a much nicer list manager, but it has a more complicated
initial set up as well as requiring python.  (not a huge problem with
debian because the mailman package handles a lot of the set up for
you, but it was a pain on redhat 7.0).  However, Mailman is generally
a lot easier to manage via its Web interface, and is reputed to have
one of the best bounce handlers out there, as well as having an
awesome moderated list interface.

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