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[SLUG] Re: mtools and hdimage problem from beginner

\begin{Mark A. Bell}
> I want to access the dosfiles in hdimage using mtools.
> Following the "Dosemu HOWTO" I have added this line to the file "/etc/
> mtools.conf"
> drive g: file="/var/lib/dosemu/hdimage.drdos703.eval" MTOOLS_SKIP_CHECK=1
> MTOOLS_LOWER_CASE=1 MTOOLS_NO_VFAT=1 partition=0 offset=128

i have this in my /etc/mtools.conf, and it seems to work for me:
 # dosemu hdimage.
 drive m: file="/var/lib/dosemu/hdimage.first" partition=1 offset=128

easier might be a "loopback mount":
 mount /mnt/point /var/lib/dosemu/hdimage.drdos703.eval -o loop

file(1) *might* tell you whether its a valid bootable dos disk image:
 madcow:~> file /var/lib/dosemu/hdimage.first /usr/lib/dosemu/dosC/boot.bin
 /var/lib/dosemu/hdimage.first:          data
 /usr/lib/dosemu/dosC/boot.bin: x86 boot sector

 - Gus