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Re: [SLUG] PDAs and Linux

This one time, at band camp, Jon Biddell wrote:
>SWMBO and SWMBO/IT have given me an early Father's Day present - a Palm M505 (the color PalmPilot) and a lovely 64Mb RAM card.
>Anyone else using a Palm with Linux ?  I only have the USB cradle (buying the serial cable tomorrow)  and I don't have USB on the workstation - I have it on an old, beaten up Deskpro 4000 that is the games machine (yes, sadly, running Win98).

If you're using GNOME, then there's a panel applet called pilot-link that
runs a daemon to monitor your serial or USB cradle, and sync your palm.
Optionally it can run conduits to sync your mail, addressbook, etc.

There are many other options, I believe there is kpilot for KDE, and several
daemon only and manual command line utilities as well.

Freshmeat has just opened a PalmOS section, as well, which is cool.

ObDebian:  apt-get install gnome-pim-conduits pilot-link

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