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RE: [SLUG] Remote X login on RH 7.1

This is how I do it.

I ssh/telnet/rsh to the Linux machine from the NT box (usually use
Once in, on the Red Hat machine, I type xhost +ipaddressofNT
Then I type xterm -sb -display ipaddressofNT:0
as a simple way to get an xterm up in display 0 on the NT box

I do this on my mandrake 8 box when connecting from NT using Chameleon's
Xofftware or WeirdX java X-windows server.


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Hi all,

I've just set up a small server for some engineers here. We are planning to
have two or three people using the thing for digital FPGA simulations.
Hardware is Intel (Coppermine); OS is RH 7.1.

So far I have been able to set it up OK with telnet but am presently having
some difficulty with X11.
The engineers are using Hummingbird Exceed on NT.

I haven't used xinetd before and it's a bit different to what I'm used to...
however I think I have enabled all the services I need, and did a kill -USR1
[pid for xinetd].

Here are the logs from my attempted X login (from a Hummingbird-initiated
Aug 31 12:16:06 rb-01120 in.rexecd[1310]: connect from rb-01103.ali
Aug 31 12:16:06 rb-01120 in.rexecd[1310]: login from rb-01103.ali as rowling

but the display never makes it to the Hummingbird session.

I'm using the same Hummingbird setup as I do for the Suns, and they have no
problem with it.

What do you think I may have omitted?


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