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[SLUG] circular dependencies

This is ugly.... see attachment cut and paste to Mozilla has died. I cannot install glibc2.2 due to rpm...
  The rpm setup is from ximian today.
Script started on Fri Aug 24 21:27:41 2001
]0;root@server: /data/redhat[root@server redhat]# ls *.rpm
bzip2-1.0.1-3.i386.rpm  glibc-2.2-12.i386.rpm         rpm-4.0-4.i386.rpm
db1-1.85-4.i386.rpm     glibc-common-2.2-12.i386.rpm
]0;root@server: /data/redhat[root@server redhat]# rpm -i *.rpm
error: failed dependencies:
	glibc < 2.1.90 conflicts with db1-1.85-4
	glibc >= 2.1.92 conflicts with rpm-4.0.2-6x
	glibc < 2.2-12 conflicts with glibc-common-2.2-12
]0;root@server: /data/redhat[root@server redhat]# rpm --query rpm
]0;root@server: /data/redhat[root@server redhat]# 
Script done on Fri Aug 24 21:28:19 2001