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[SLUG] System freezes with StarOffice 5.2

My Mandrake 8.0 box suffers complete system freezes (no mouse, keyboard
etc) during user installation or use of SO52.

So far I have (in order):

* command line: export SAL_DO_NOT_USE_INVERT50=true

* successful network install via ./setup /net

* installed successfully for one user who now cannot use SO52. (the
  operation was a success but the patient died)

* frozen the system frequently trying to install other users

* inserted the line export SAL_DO_NOT_USE_INVERT50=true as the last line
  in ~/.bash_profile

Still freezes (Video Card S3 Savage 4 set to default depth of 16)

Laurie Savage
Earth Science @ Orange High School
Orange, NSW, Australia