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[SLUG] Re: What level printk?

> I'm trying to learn more about the Internet Protocol Suite implementation in
> Linux. I want to add a bunch of printk's in the kernel's TCP/IP code,
> recompile the kernel and watch what happens. It prints what function it's
> in, dumps variables to a log file etc, you know, your standard debug prints.
> Idea is to print this and watch it go in a terminal when I run an echo
> client and server to exercise it.

heh. remember that when sending received packets up the stack, the
whole thing is run as a bottom-half handler (aka software interrupt
handler, etc). be careful your printk's don't block at all ;)

(i got bitten by this when doing the same thing with a freebsd
stack. took me way too long to realise why all the structures kept
changing after the printk statement ;)

 - Gus