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Re: [SLUG] SSH Port Forwarding

<quote who="Paul Cameron">

> o) Using rsa authentication, you can allow it so that you don't
>    have to type passwords to log into boxes**, man ssh-agent et al

> ** but you may have to enter a password when invoking ssh-agent,
>    depending on the key generation parameters.

There have been some "fun" flamewars on SLUG about using ssh-agent in the
past. Definitely useful though, and worth reading up on if you use ssh a

There's a nice little tutorial with good reasons for using ssh and
cryptographic challenge authentication here:


Unfortunately, it doesn't describe protocol 2 and dsa keys. If you're using
a new ssh, run ssh-keygen -t dsa instead of just ssh-keygen.

>    I've gotten port forwarding via multiple boxen using this method
>    to work as well, but I don't have many uses for it. It is
>    however certainly fun.

Thanks Paul.

- Jeff

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