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Re: [SLUG] dot-square font in E after dist-upgrade

Thus spake Nick Croft (nicko@xxxxxxxxxxx):

> > How are doing this for E, or is it just a suggestion? (I don't know of a
> > way of browsing fonts for E).

> Just looked through the theme-writing stuff. You're right. Can't be 
> done by browsing. Raster is cryptic, though I guess with dedication it 
> could be deciphered. Nearest ref to a font I could find in the Brushed Metal 
> .cfg files was "fixed", though it didn't actually say FONT anywhere close-by.

You're on the right track though. Quite a few E themes also come with
their required fonts in the theme trees.

> Guess the next step is to read the E source. Meanwhile there's work and 
> everything else werks OK.

We're still left with the original puzzle: What did we upgrade that
caused perfectly working font's to go screwy? I run the same E theme
(Debian-E plug plug) on 3 arch's (x86/PPC/SPARC) but only my SPARC box
has been affected by whatever occured.

If I could work out how the problem occured and what package was at fault
I'd log a bug report :)



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