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On Tue, Aug 14, 2001 at 10:45:59AM +1000, DaZZa wrote:
> Part of the COmputerbank process is not just throwing PC's at the
> disadvantaged and saying "here, play on the internet" - it's also teaching
> them how to manage the machines themselves.
> In the case of, say, a largish grant to a community group, one or two
> people who could be depended on to be at the group all the time would be
> taught what is needed to keep the machines up and running for public or
> shared use.

That is excellent. I was reading in the paper this morning about IT persons
not being able to get work as they didnt have actual IT experience in the
work force. Passing on the skills to one or two regular users in the
community group would also give them IT skills that they may later use to
get a job with. 

Thanks for filling me in on that.

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