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On Tue, 14 Aug 2001, Mike Lake wrote:

> > Many of you will have heard of ComputerBank - an attempt to recycle old
> > donated computers to needy and worthwhile causes.
> Just wondering, who supports these poor folks once they have this distro on
> an old PC. Like when they want another application or they need a change on
> their configuration for another user etc. With windows they will know
> someone who could help but with Linux...... well :-)

Not at all - it's a good question.

Part of the COmputerbank process is not just throwing PC's at the
disadvantaged and saying "here, play on the internet" - it's also teaching
them how to manage the machines themselves.

In the case of, say, a largish grant to a community group, one or two
people who could be depended on to be at the group all the time would be
taught what is needed to keep the machines up and running for public or
shared use.

Ditto for individuals, although the teaching might be a little less

This is how I understand what will happen, from the CB meetings I attended
before university went and put my classes on the same night as the