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Mike Lake wrote:
> Just wondering, who supports these poor folks once they have this distro on
> an old PC. Like when they want another application or they need a change on
> their configuration for another user etc. 

> With windows they will know
> someone who could help but with Linux...... well :-)

Not always.

It is a self limiting problem Mike.

Really genuine people are grateful for the computer and just to want to
use it for basic stuff like sending email, writing letters, etc.

The rest either learn Linux skills for themselves (no harder than Win95)
or buy a later computer. I encourage this by giving slower and slower
support each time they fiddle with the system and make more repeated
sugestions that they ask on the Slug list, read the doco, etc.

That has been my experience. It is a personal attitude problem, not a
technical problem.

I guess I have this attitude because I've been running WFWG for over 10
years and see no reason to "upgrade" it. {:-).

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