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Re: [SLUG] dist-upgrade potato->woody

> You can upgrade to 2.4 in potato too - you just have to build a kernel
> package, and add a line to your sources.list (have a look in the one in
> my dotfiles page). This set of backported packages will have you up and
> running in no time - the ipmasq package now works with iptables, so you 
> should be able to reboot and network straight away (mine did!)

Yeah man, like wow... Debian rocks, sooooo cool :-)

I was confused at first cause I had not setup any ipchains rules on the 
little 486 and there was this package called ipmasq that had setup
masquerading for me and it worked. There were all these little scripts
in /etc/masq/rules which got called when ppp was up and it all worked
out what inetrfaces were internal and what were external and the answer
to 42 as well :-) I may have to tweak the rules a bit after I work out
what I want more exactly but its seems quite fine.

While trying to find out more about the ipmasq package I came across

On Fri, Jul 06, 2001 at 07:24:43PM +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Are you using Debian? There is a very cool Debian package called ipmasq,
> which deals with all of this automagically. You build rules files (as
> For a simple gateway and most other situations, you don't even need to
> specify interfaces - it works it all out itself. When it gets complicated,
> you just tell it what to regard as external, and what to regard as internal.
> It's way cool, man.
> - Jeff

yeah Jeff :-)

Oh just looking at ya dot files now but apt-get's hogging the line so
looking at perkypants is a bit slow. :-)

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