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Re: [SLUG] dist-upgrade potato->woody

<quote who="Mike Lake">

> We have just setup our 486 as a firewall box, runs Debian Potato and has
> ipchains. Now what package will have iptables ? Seems like ipchains is in
> netbase package so I presumed that iptables would be in that package but
> as nelow you can see that it does not mention netbase. My current potatoe
> does not have a package called ipchains so I am a little confused as to
> what is in what. Surely going to woody would have involved a kernel change
> as well ?

potato has no ipchains package, whereas woody has both an ipchains and
iptables package. You can still use whichever kernel you prefer. Confusingly
enough, if you upgrade to 2.4, you can still use ipchains thanks to the
compatibility module for netfilter.

Generally, your kernel isn't upgraded with the rest of the distribution.
Different kernel versions are regarded as different packages (like the
difference between say, the mutt and lilo packages - they're totally

You can upgrade to 2.4 in potato too - you just have to build a kernel
package, and add a line to your sources.list (have a look in the one in my
dotfiles page). This set of backported packages will have you up and running
in no time - the ipmasq package now works with iptables, so you should be
able to reboot and network straight away (mine did!)

- Jeff

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